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Spring in Sillim

10 May

As the college town of SNU, Sillim has a lot of indie cafes as well as all the big chains. Leave any exit of the station and you will find a cafe perfect for your mood. I have explored many of them as a local. I also use these cafes as rewards for biking along the stream (see Spring in Sillim Part 1). Lovin Spring in Seoul ♥

Spring in Sillim: FB photos

Sillim: A Wintry Walk @Boramae Park

2 Apr

“…”Don’t you worry child; Heaven’s got a plan for you.” I could feel the optimism of Seoul and the spirit of pushing on to make this life work. I always feel this when I move about Sillim. (Sillim a working-class neighborhood that has a bad reputation. I call it “The Vegas of Seoul.”) As I returned home, I…”

Sillim: A Wintry Walk @Boramae Park : FB photos & reviews

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