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Sinchon — Puzzle Cafe

12 Apr

“… so I opted for the brightly blue painted cafe with the catchy title “My Secret Mate.” As I sat down and settled in, I quickly noticed that everyone was hunched over tables. A closer look revealed puzzle pieces and fingers moving them around. My first puzzle cafe was upon me. In addition to the clever name, the menu had appealing drink names, such as “Love Latte” and “Nutelle” and “Winter Wind Latte.” I opted for the last. The cinnamon and honey drink was served in a cute and colorful Totoro mug, flashing me back to my two years in Japan (Kochi-ken wa natsukashii, ne). For two hours I wrote my great novel (lol) while others put together beautiful puzzles. Maybe next time…”

Sinchon — Puzzle Cafe: FB photos & review

Directions: “you can find My Secret Mate down the back alley where CM’s Box is next to Hana” (will try to post better directions from station later)

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