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Coffee Side Dish — Molly’s Pops (Hongdae)

9 Apr

“Side dishes, banchan, are very important in Korean cuisine. Most of the world knows about kimchi, but there are tons of others. (I personally like mushroom with sesame seeds and the poached spinach.) So it is only fitting for coffee to have its side dish. And Molly’s Pops is just the place to get a rich and creamy banchan…Last night I had Blueberry Yogurt and the previous time I had Kahlua Makgeoli ice cream pop and Brownie pop. The ice cream pops were creamy and easily melted in the mouth. Some popsicles make you work to taste the chilled flavor, but not these. And they weren’t…”

Coffee Side Dish — Molly’s Pops (Hongdae): FB photos & reviews

Directions: Hongdae Station, Exit 8. Walk straight to first circular intersection. Turn left. Walk straight to another circular intersection. Turn Right. (You are on a big street where King of Blues is located.) Turn right either on the first or second street. (sorry, wrote these directions after the concert) Molly’s Pops is on your left side.

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