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Spring in Sillim

10 May

As the college town of SNU, Sillim has a lot of indie cafes as well as all the big chains. Leave any exit of the station and you will find a cafe perfect for your mood. I have explored many of them as a local. I also use these cafes as rewards for biking along the stream (see Spring in Sillim Part 1). Lovin Spring in Seoul ♥

Spring in Sillim: FB photos

Spring Nights – The Sand (Sinchon)

8 May

“…a cool cafe to finish writing “Pop Song,” my great American novel, ojala. After visiting the puzzle cafe, My Secret Mate, I came across The Sand, but it was crowded that day. So, I sought it out this week after getting a recommendation. It was a good decision. I liked the spring time music, the dim lighting, the warm atmosphere, the large, floral painting, and the happy waitress who welcomed me as soon as I stepped in, as though she was aware of my upcoming arrival. The strawberry frappe was sufficient for a lackadaisical night or night of writing greatness, lol. “What makes for a cool cafe?” a friend asked me recently. She seemed slightly disappointed that I didn’t have a set answer. But there’s no checklist and practical protocol. There’s only a feeling. I have always been a “vibes” person. People and places give off vibes and if you can read them well, life becomes easier, less complicated. With so many things to stress out about, why not allow your innate senses to guide you on the more minor things? My motto in life…”

The Sand (Sinchon): FB photos & reviews

Directions to The Sand: “Walk straight for 150m. Turn right between Etude House & Paris Baguette. At the Y-junction, go left and head straight for 200m, looking out for both located on right side.” Pass Cafe Chloris and The Sand is on your left.

Gangnam — Charlar y Cafe (Cappuccino Strip)

19 Apr

“… As American writer James Baldwin wrote about living in France, “they [French people] did not know enough about me to be able to correct me…I might live there forever and it would never be my home.” Friends make your community and a community is your home. But, once you find those “good people,” you have to enjoy the friendship like cherishing a cool cafe. Cappuccino Strip received mixed reviews on its drinks (Wine Macchiato and Strawberry Latte were misses for me; however, my friend liked the Wine Macchiato and Sweet Potato Latte). But the cafe’s chill vibe, comfortable couch, natural light and good R&B jams made it perfect for chatting with a friend for hours…”

Charlar y Cafe – Gangnam: FB photo & review

Directions: Gangnam Station (Green Line). Exit 11, walk straight down to you come to the first street with a proper sidewalk. (Same street as Brick Oven Pizza) Make a right and and then a left. Cappuccino Strip is on your left above the Irish pub.

Ewha Uni — Super Woman Sweater

12 Apr

“The streets of Seoul are like stitches of an old knitted sweater. Woven through the land, some are worn in and match moods perfectly; while others are worn out and have lost the ability to warm. And at times they wear you down with memories. Over and under, they lay, creating intricate patterns of practicality and aesthetic appeal. I like them all for they create Seoul’s uniqueness. Last night as I walked the streets of Sinchon-Yonsei-Ewha, I went on autopilot and let my sense control the destination. I landed on…”

The Other Hongdae — Cafe Street

28 Mar

“…favorite Indian restaurants. It was cafe ecstasy. A cute street filled with tons of cafes and restaurants. Definitely, a date course place for lovers. Going beyond others’ views, can give you pleasant surprises. This is…”

The Other Hongdae – Cafe Street : FB photos & review

Sinchon — Photo Cafe

28 Mar

Image“…sweetened milk tea. it comes with two servings of steamed milk. it’s a favorite of the owner and his his girlfriend…”

Photo Cafe — FB photos & review

Directions: Sinchon Station (Line 2) Exit 1. Go straight, make a right at the corner (Hyundai Dept. Store). Make a left (street directly infront of Hyundai). It is on your left (second floor)

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