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Fresh French Goods — Hongdae

3 May

“…my memory and taste buds started to merge, leading my feet to this bakery. It is slightly more expensive than your typical chain bakery, but it so much better. The freshness and warmth of the baked goods provide burst of pleasure during wintry days. While you wait in line, you may sample a variety of breads as well as watch the bakers create their edible masterpieces. It a great place to visit, but warning…”


Fresh French goods — FB photos

The Other Hongdae — Cafe Street

28 Mar

“…favorite Indian restaurants. It was cafe ecstasy. A cute street filled with tons of cafes and restaurants. Definitely, a date course place for lovers. Going beyond others’ views, can give you pleasant surprises. This is…”

The Other Hongdae – Cafe Street : FB photos & review

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