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Cup of Happiness — Hannam

23 Apr

“…After asking the guy behind the counter for afternoon set specials, I decided to only get a cafe cappuccino. But sensing my real desire to get a cupcake (because really, why go to a cupcake cafe and not get a cupcake?), he gave me “service” (free) cupcake. The carrot cake was moist with cinnamon and nutmeg spices that popped in my mouth. The sun shone through as the people and cars steadily passed by. The mellow music relaxed me. Life became better in that moment. The stress seemed to evaporate in the sun rays and the sweetness. Some people say your cup in life is either half full or half empty.But why not make it simply a cup of happiness? Look for a cup of happiness when life becomes hectic. #MakeLifeWork.”

Cup of Happiness — Hannam : FB photos

Directions: Hannam Station (Jungang Line). Exit 1, walk straight to the big intersection. Go straight up the street. Lynn’s Cupcake is on your left, in front of UN Village.

Myeongdong — Cupcake Date

29 Mar


“… a well-themed cafe. It wasn’t over the top like the Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae (I mean, I like pink but that cafe is on pink-on-crack) or given the minimal attention to make it presentable (like Starbucks or Holly Coffee). It is a place that was created with an intention of providing a “good evening” for a couple (a couple of friends, lovers, classmates, etc.) We split the red velvet cupcake, which..”

Myeongdong — Cupcake Date: FB photos & reviews

Directions: Myeongdong Station (Line 4), leave Exit 6. Immediately turn left outside exit and walk straight down the main shopping street. It is near the main pedestrian intersection, on the left hand side. Look up because it is on the second floor ^^ Best wishes for a delightful treat.

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