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Gangnam — Charlar y Cafe (Cappuccino Strip)

19 Apr

“… As American writer James Baldwin wrote about living in France, “they [French people] did not know enough about me to be able to correct me…I might live there forever and it would never be my home.” Friends make your community and a community is your home. But, once you find those “good people,” you have to enjoy the friendship like cherishing a cool cafe. Cappuccino Strip received mixed reviews on its drinks (Wine Macchiato and Strawberry Latte were misses for me; however, my friend liked the Wine Macchiato and Sweet Potato Latte). But the cafe’s chill vibe, comfortable couch, natural light and good R&B jams made it perfect for chatting with a friend for hours…”

Charlar y Cafe – Gangnam: FB photo & review

Directions: Gangnam Station (Green Line). Exit 11, walk straight down to you come to the first street with a proper sidewalk. (Same street as Brick Oven Pizza) Make a right and and then a left. Cappuccino Strip is on your left above the Irish pub.

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