[cafe] A must visit cafe for Coffee Purists: Coffee Temple @ Digital Media City, Seoul

9 May


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Did you know that you can actually have a cup of supreme coffee–full-bodied, fresh, made-by-award-winning-baristas–right here in Seoul? I, for one, never actually cared about coffee before. That bitter, brown, liquid! I only buy coffee (=buy a seat) when I go to the nearby Caffe Bene for my lengthy studying sessions. ~4000 KRW for a feeble, brown, not even really bitter americano! In a country where Starbucks and Caffe Bene dominate the coffee scene, in a city hosting tons of cute little cafes caring about decor rather than their drinks, COFFEE TEMPLE, I believe, is THE place for not only coffee purists, but also for those who have been dulled with bad brown liquid for so long that they will find Coffee Temple’s java is liquid gold.

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Spring Nights – The Sand (Sinchon)

8 May

“…a cool cafe to finish writing “Pop Song,” my great American novel, ojala. After visiting the puzzle cafe, My Secret Mate, I came across The Sand, but it was crowded that day. So, I sought it out this week after getting a recommendation. It was a good decision. I liked the spring time music, the dim lighting, the warm atmosphere, the large, floral painting, and the happy waitress who welcomed me as soon as I stepped in, as though she was aware of my upcoming arrival. The strawberry frappe was sufficient for a lackadaisical night or night of writing greatness, lol. “What makes for a cool cafe?” a friend asked me recently. She seemed slightly disappointed that I didn’t have a set answer. But there’s no checklist and practical protocol. There’s only a feeling. I have always been a “vibes” person. People and places give off vibes and if you can read them well, life becomes easier, less complicated. With so many things to stress out about, why not allow your innate senses to guide you on the more minor things? My motto in life…”

The Sand (Sinchon): FB photos & reviews

Directions to The Sand: “Walk straight for 150m. Turn right between Etude House & Paris Baguette. At the Y-junction, go left and head straight for 200m, looking out for both located on right side.” Pass Cafe Chloris and The Sand is on your left.

Dalki Little Farmer Cafe For Kids

7 May

Seoulties & Cafes: For those of you with kids^^


Hidden away at Seoul’s Olympic Park in Songpa-gu is the most entertaining and comical play-and-eat restaurant for kids.

It was purely an accident that I found a flyer with information about this place. The Global Village Center translated the flyer and told me that the Dalki Cafe was in Olympic Park.

I have to admit that I love this idea of a play-and-eat restaurant that takes the food preferences and comfort of adults into consideration. Chuck E. Cheese pales in comparison to Korea’s restaurants for kids.

So, on a recent field trip to Seoul Olympic Museum, I asked around about the location and was pointed to the cafe which was just beyond the winged Olympic Park landmark.

The atmosphere inside the restaurant was warm and inviting. Lots of natural wood makes the space feel very organic.

Tables were available with chairs or on the floor with pillows.

An admittance…

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Coffee Project #2: Presso

4 May

“… my second trip, I tried the Presso machine. The young, female barista told me to take a seat and prepared a tray with the coffe making equipment and ingredients. I was enthused and enthralled immediately. In all my trips to coffee shops, I had never actively participated in making coffee (when I went to a coffee planation in Costa Rica, I wasn’t selected to make the coffee). What I liked most about this experience was that I felt like I had actually made something, and there is no better feeling than knowing you contributed to some thing in society, even if your contribution is just 4,000 won to a cafe in a city with thousands of cafes. I also thought maybe this is an only-in-Korea activiity. When I treated my family to Korean BBQ in K-Town in L.A., my brother was like, let me get this straight: we pay to cook our own food? LOL…”Coffee Project Visit #2: FB photos & review ^^

Directions to Coffee Project: From Anam Station (Line 6), Exit 3. Make U~turn. You will be at a corner. Turn left. Walk down the street with shops, restaurants, cafes, etc for about 5 min. You come to a major intersection. Cross the street, then go to left diagonally towards Pizza 59. Walk to the crosswalk with light. It is on the right, a green building.

Cafe Public

4 May

Seoulites & Cafes


It’s a busy mid-term test marking week which means blog writing has to take a backburner. It’s a shame as i have a queue of vegan and writer friendly locations jostling to be written about next. To appease their cries for attention i’ll do a quick shout out to my latest discovery Cafe Public.

Cafe Public is one of several study cafes in Anam, near Korea University. All I can say is if study cafes had existed when I was a student I would have been a lot poorer. Fifty pence teas and a boost bar in my library cafe pale in comparison.

The cafe is equiped tables well designed for studying, enough plug sockets to power the whole of North Korea and a playlist featuring Cat Power. Feel lactards and vegans don’t miss out. Whilst all those non-lactards are rushing to look at their subway apps to find out…

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[cafe] Sweet treats at Caffe Caffe @ Sinchon, Seoul

4 May

Seoulites & Cafes: Definitely a place I want to visit soon.

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I have been meaning to write a post about Caffe Caffe–a quite popular small quiet coffee shop in Sinchon for a while. It is my favorite place in Sinchon mostly because I have such beautiful memories there. Though their coffee and lattes are really good, and their cakes amazing, I wish I could say the same thing about the atmosphere. I enjoy chilling at Caffe Caffe at around 11am (when they have just open) on the second floor, when there is no one around. But once the first herd of Korean gals come in, your moment of silence and reflection is brutally disrupted. As the shop is quite small, whatever they say simply echoes in your ears. Your tranquil morning will be ruthlessly disturbed by the gals’ ear-piercing, hi-pitched, voices, combined with loud AND bad music (which is often the case). As much as I love Caffe Caffe, I visit…

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Fresh French Goods — Hongdae

3 May

“…my memory and taste buds started to merge, leading my feet to this bakery. It is slightly more expensive than your typical chain bakery, but it so much better. The freshness and warmth of the baked goods provide burst of pleasure during wintry days. While you wait in line, you may sample a variety of breads as well as watch the bakers create their edible masterpieces. It a great place to visit, but warning…”


Fresh French goods — FB photos

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