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Perfect Flower Cafe

10 May

“…We spent the afternoon stopping to smell the roses, as they say. And what a lovely smell and sight was given at the Goyang Int’l Horticulture Expo. If you are looking for a way to enjoy spring and don’t mind a 1-2 hour trip outside of Seoul, I highly recommend a trip to Goyang.” Sunday is the last day ^^

Perfect Flower Cafe: FB Photos


Old School Flavor –Anguk Station

24 Apr

“…good old school fun, which makes me remember the best cafe I visited during “A week of exploring the “best” cafes in Seoul (aka how I spent a week during my summer vacation in Seoul).” You gotta love a cafe that has an old school TV that still works. The cafe mocha was good. The chocolate flavor enhanced the coffee taste without overpowering it. I liked this cafe, but it wasn’t a place to chill for hours and write and read. The constant flow of people made it seem like you should drink, chat a little and then leave to allow another person to enjoy the cafe. But…”

Old School Flavor: FB photos & reviews

Cherry Blossm & Azabu – Seorae Village (French Village)

23 Apr

“… and was able to walk beneath the cherry blossom with tons of other Seoulites. Seoul is a “bali-bali” place — there are important people with important work to do in important places; yet, somehow the pretentious of life seems to slow down to allow for a leisurely walk in spring and a photo or two. Hope you enjoy the cherry blossom/sakura in Seorae Village and other parts of Seoul ^^”Seorae Village (French Village) : FB photos

Directions: Express Bus Terminal (Lines 3, 7, & 9), Exit 5: Walk straight for this cherry blossom path. It’s goes for a while along the stream. At the first bridge, go left. Cross the street bridge. The street directly in front is the main street of the Seorae Village (French Village). Go straight up for Azabu. Make a left a Starbucks for the cupcake cafe. Make a left at the second 7-11 store, follow the street all the way to the dead end and then go right for small indie cafes. Love Life^^

Churro Cafe – Sinsa Station

19 Apr

From the Dr. Dre & Snoop music to the Day of the Dead art to the Angelino behind the counter, One Chu had a great Cali vibe, which only add to the joy of eating churros and sipping spiked egg nog in a cozy cafe on a chilly afternoon. Because you can never have enough churros in your life, why not try it out? Perhaps it’s a childhood memory, but churros always make me smile.

Churro Cafe – Sinsa: FB photos & reviews

Directions: Sinsa Station (Orange Line/Line 3):  Exit No.8 –> go straight till MISHA, the cosmetic store –> Turn left –> Go straight till Seven eleven on your right side —> Turn right and Turn left –> Go straight and you can find One Chu on your right~~!!!

Dongguk Station — Morning Calm

10 Apr

“…After taking my Spanish class, I would often walk Namsan Tower to enjoy the fall foliage. I treated myself one morning to tea (a flavor selected by staff) and traditional snacks (kind selected by staff). The tea and snack are not memorable (lol, I can’t think of any adjectives for them), but the serene feeling of the early morning was the calm that people seek in yoga or a walk along a city stream or climbing Namsan or even having a smoke alone. Life gets crazy (porque la vida es una cosa loca); you can get crazy with it or watch the craziness from a cafe. If you can find a piece of the that famed “Morning Calm,” Seoul will…”

Morning Calm: FB photos & reviews

Directions: Dongguk University Station (Line 3). Exit 6. Walk straight through the park and it is before the Dongguk University entrance and the staircase leading up to Namsan Tower.

Anguk Station– HABIT Tea Lounge

4 Apr

“…What a peaceful, serene space tucked up high above the bustling city. Instantly walking in, I felt at ease and ready to let my mind escape the worries of life’s new chapter. The lovely staff woman, answered all my questions and suggested I try the Buckwheat tea if I was to continue in my detox mood or Lemon Pomegranate if I wanted something a little sweet. I chose the latter and the tea only sweetened my time gazing out the window. Far away…”

Anguk Station– HABIT Tea Lounge : FB photos & reviews

Directions: Anguk Station (Line 3), exit 1. HABIT is in the same building as Amandlier and directly in front of the police station. Phone: 02-734-9118

Anguk Station — Tea Therapy

4 Apr

“…For some reason, I was looking for an ostentatious structure, but upon phoning the staff, I realized I walked right pass it. It was a humble hanok hidden in plain sight. Upon peering through the wooden door, a burst of bright light hit me. It was a nice, welcoming cafe on that chilly afternoon, as the frost of winter lingered. A lovely lady of tea..”

Anguk Station — Tea Therapy: FB photos & reviews

Directions: “To get to Tea Therapy Haengrang, go to Anguk Subway Station Line 3, Exit 1. Turn right as you exit, then turn right again at Starbucks. Walk straight for several blocks. Turn right at the end of the road. Tea Therapy will be on the right. The flagship store is located near Apgujeong Subway Station Line 3, Exit 2.” (great directions for anguk)

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