Coffee Project #2: Presso

4 May

“… my second trip, I tried the Presso machine. The young, female barista told me to take a seat and prepared a tray with the coffe making equipment and ingredients. I was enthused and enthralled immediately. In all my trips to coffee shops, I had never actively participated in making coffee (when I went to a coffee planation in Costa Rica, I wasn’t selected to make the coffee). What I liked most about this experience was that I felt like I had actually made something, and there is no better feeling than knowing you contributed to some thing in society, even if your contribution is just 4,000 won to a cafe in a city with thousands of cafes. I also thought maybe this is an only-in-Korea activiity. When I treated my family to Korean BBQ in K-Town in L.A., my brother was like, let me get this straight: we pay to cook our own food? LOL…”Coffee Project Visit #2: FB photos & review ^^

Directions to Coffee Project: From Anam Station (Line 6), Exit 3. Make U~turn. You will be at a corner. Turn left. Walk down the street with shops, restaurants, cafes, etc for about 5 min. You come to a major intersection. Cross the street, then go to left diagonally towards Pizza 59. Walk to the crosswalk with light. It is on the right, a green building.

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