Cafe Public

4 May

Seoulites & Cafes


It’s a busy mid-term test marking week which means blog writing has to take a backburner. It’s a shame as i have a queue of vegan and writer friendly locations jostling to be written about next. To appease their cries for attention i’ll do a quick shout out to my latest discovery Cafe Public.

Cafe Public is one of several study cafes in Anam, near Korea University. All I can say is if study cafes had existed when I was a student I would have been a lot poorer. Fifty pence teas and a boost bar in my library cafe pale in comparison.

The cafe is equiped tables well designed for studying, enough plug sockets to power the whole of North Korea and a playlist featuring Cat Power. Feel lactards and vegans don’t miss out. Whilst all those non-lactards are rushing to look at their subway apps to find out…

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