Cup O’ Joe – 12Dal Cafe (Bucheon)

29 Apr

“There is so much to know about having a good cup of coffee, but as I have always said, I’m really just in to cool cafes. I will let the real coffee aficionados debate which cafe has the best coffee and which brewing method is the best. All I know, is that Costa Rican coffee is my favorite (Cafe Britt). I like dark roast (Starbucks, sugar & milk/cream are my friends). Moka Pot makes a good coffee at home (used this in Costa Rica & Ecuador). Southeast Asian coffee is que-rico/oh-so-tasty (thick coffee with condensed milk). Dal Cafe is super cute & cozy…”

12Dal Cafe (Bucheon): FB photo & coffee workshop review

Directions to 12Dal Cafe: From Sinjung-dong Station (Line 7) 1. As soon as you get off the escalator at Exit 3, turn left. You should see a big Home Plus on the other side of the street. Lotte Department store will be on the side of the street that Exit 3 is on.

2. Follow the sidewalk and turn left at the street. Keep on walking. You will see a MCDONALDS and a TOM N TOMS COFFEE on your right. Keep on walking down the street.

3. Keep on walking until you get to the intersection with the CAFFE BENE. Turn right.

4. From here, you will walk straight down the street until you see a HOLLYS COFFEE (on your left). 12 DAL CAFE is right across from it, so it’ll be on your right.

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