Cherry Blossm & Azabu – Seorae Village (French Village)

23 Apr

“… and was able to walk beneath the cherry blossom with tons of other Seoulites. Seoul is a “bali-bali” place — there are important people with important work to do in important places; yet, somehow the pretentious of life seems to slow down to allow for a leisurely walk in spring and a photo or two. Hope you enjoy the cherry blossom/sakura in Seorae Village and other parts of Seoul ^^”Seorae Village (French Village) : FB photos

Directions: Express Bus Terminal (Lines 3, 7, & 9), Exit 5: Walk straight for this cherry blossom path. It’s goes for a while along the stream. At the first bridge, go left. Cross the street bridge. The street directly in front is the main street of the Seorae Village (French Village). Go straight up for Azabu. Make a left a Starbucks for the cupcake cafe. Make a left at the second 7-11 store, follow the street all the way to the dead end and then go right for small indie cafes. Love Life^^

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