Dongguk Station — Morning Calm

10 Apr

“…After taking my Spanish class, I would often walk Namsan Tower to enjoy the fall foliage. I treated myself one morning to tea (a flavor selected by staff) and traditional snacks (kind selected by staff). The tea and snack are not memorable (lol, I can’t think of any adjectives for them), but the serene feeling of the early morning was the calm that people seek in yoga or a walk along a city stream or climbing Namsan or even having a smoke alone. Life gets crazy (porque la vida es una cosa loca); you can get crazy with it or watch the craziness from a cafe. If you can find a piece of the that famed “Morning Calm,” Seoul will…”

Morning Calm: FB photos & reviews

Directions: Dongguk University Station (Line 3). Exit 6. Walk straight through the park and it is before the Dongguk University entrance and the staircase leading up to Namsan Tower.

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