Noksapyeong — Literary Cafe

2 Apr

“…Literary cafes were once the popular leisure activity of the day. Perhaps in this cafe, those days return, refined and rehearsed. (Cafe Ohana is small but with tons of nature light. Friendly staff members serve various juice-ades in mini-pitchers; the ades not only quench a summer thirst but provide a flavorful blend of sweetness and citrus tang. Teas are served in…”Image

Literary Cafe – Haebangchon: FB photos & reviews

Directions via Seoul Writer’s Workshop : Go out of exit 2 of Noksapyeong station and walk straight down the hill until you reach the underpass.
Go under the road, go up the right side steps and walk back up on the other side of the street as if you were going back to the station.
After about 15 metres you will pass a motorcycle store. On the corner is Chan Bros coffee.
Turn left up that side street. Walk up the hill. On the right is Hera’s bistro (which may or may not be having a flea market!).
Cafe Ohana is about 25m up the hill on the left. It’s white with a glass front. There are some weird cats and gnomes on a chair outside, and the back wall has a large mural on it.

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