Noksapyeong — Le Cafe

2 Apr

Image“…So many foreigners live in Haebangchon, which is the more residential area of the Itaewon. I moved here when I began teaching writing at a university in Seoul. There are tons of cafes in Haebangchon but Le Cafe by far is the best and the first in the area. The owner is friendly and talkative. The ham and cheese sandwich is substantial for a meal with high quality ingredients but at a low cost. And during the summer time, if you ask,…”

Le Cafe — Noksapyeong: FB photos & reviews

Directions: From Noksapyeong Station, exit 2. Walk straight. Go left at the cross walk, passing the kimchi pots. Keep straight. Le Cafe is on your left.


One Response to “Noksapyeong — Le Cafe”

  1. mintskaya 04/25/2013 at 6:41 pm #

    Chai tea. Mmmm. I’m always on a lookout for some good chai tea!
    You should check out De Espresso Room as well- it’s a cosy little cafe right next to Al Matto, a minute away from Le Cafe. Their mango smoothie and pumpkin cheese tart is pretty great (: They also have a cheap bagel set menu option!

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