Jonggak — Travel Memories (Travel Cafe Bula)

26 Mar

What to do with all those photos you took while discovering the world?

As my final days abroad fade away like the final flakes of winter, the cities and cafes seem to blend together like one big paint-by-number picture. I left L.A. in July 2005, with the hopes of learning more about cultures, so I could better appreciate the small-word-after-all vibe of L.A. What big dreams I had, or perhaps what naivety I had, still have. But when school is cancelled because part of your city is burning during riots (which you watch live on TV) and those riots were set off by racial problems (not just Black-White but also Korean-Black), you understand why multiculturalism is important.

I think about my travels in this quirky, Travel Cafe Bula that city in the downtown heart of Seoul. Travel book line the windows and shelves as photos adorn the walls. It’s a place that encourages the adventurous spirit, even if it is just to go down to Busan for a weekend. The owner told me he is a tour guide and travels with Koreans around the world. What a great way to share all those travels photos with his community, because as a student told me in Chile, we all don’t get to see the world. Photos remind us how special it is to see a new city, to taste a new food, to climb a new mountain, to step outside the comfort zone. Thus, snap away as your travel this adventure called life.
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Directions from “Seoulo Traveller”  to Travel Cafe BuLa

[From Jonggak station]
Get out via exit 11.
Locate the Adidas store which is adjacent to the stairs that lead to the cafe.
(there is an underground shopping area at Jonggak station and the clothes there are pretty reasonable priced!)
[From Insadong]
Anguk Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit 6.
Go 100m straight, then turn left into Insadong.
Walk all the way straight till you reach the end of the street.
Turn right at the corner. and walk straight [to the big intersection. Turn right and walk until] you see an Adidas store.
Go up the stairs to the cafe.
Seoulo Traveller: Day 58 Last Cafe Hop: Travel Cafe BuLa and Hakrim Dabang



2 Responses to “Jonggak — Travel Memories (Travel Cafe Bula)”

  1. emily at 2:32 am #

    Hey there, thank you for the link!
    The owner is a really nice person who is willing to share his stories.
    I hope to go back someday.
    Thank you for all the great cafe recommendations!


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