Hongdae — Homemade Lovin’ (Cafe Sukkara)

26 Mar

“…cafe world of Seoul. Although both cafes were barely populated, Cafe Sukkara still offered a warm chill vibe. It was like a friend pulling out a chair and welcoming you to sit down. The menu was full of healthy homemade treats from lassi to veggie snacks to meals to coffee. I opted for the homemade soy chai that…”
Check out the photos & my ramblings about Cafe Sukkara^^

Homemade Lovin – FB photos, reviews & write up

Directions: Hongdae Station, Exit 8. Walk straight to first circular intersection. Turn left. Walk straight to another circular intersection. Turn Right. (You are on a big street where King of Blues is located.) Walk to the main road and a left. Walk about one minute. Cafe Sukkara is on your left.

2 Responses to “Hongdae — Homemade Lovin’ (Cafe Sukkara)”

  1. Jennifer Waring at 7:25 pm #

    Hey Monique. I hope everything’s going well. Your love story competition looks interesting! I was wondering if I could use your sukkara picture on a website I have been comissioned to write reviews for. I have lost mine and I can’t include it without a picture. I will link to your website too if you ok it?!!!

    • mysecondamericanlife at 9:23 pm #

      Hi Jennifer,
      Congrat on the gig. What site is it for? Which picture are you considering? (I’m working on a project where I will use some of my photos from this blog.) Perhaps you can send me an email/FB message.

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